Computer scrap recycling Wilgeheuwel

Computer scrap recycling Wilgeheuwel, we want electronic waste for recycling

Computer scrap recycling Wilgeheuwel, we want electronic waste for recycling.

We want your broken laptop or gaming console!  Earn cash now old e-waste like an old radio or VHS machine.  Whether you are a business or residential home you probably have old electronic junk lying around.  There is no point hanging onto any of it unless you are still using it.

Perhaps you have a redundant blackberry hidden in a cupboard.  Or a food processor with a burnt-out motor.  Well, we want it all!

TV aerials, power cables, headphones, and all other kinds of cabling.  As well as home appliances.  Otherwise office equipment, for example, a fax machine and printer.

Our company accepts all kinds of electronics for recycling purposes.

Even parts that are disabled from machines like a lawnmower or scrap parts from a car engine.

All kinds of electronic junk should be sent our way.

Computer scrap recycling Wilgeheuwel

The right way of Computer scrap recycling Wilgeheuwel

The right way ofComputer scrap recycling Wilgeheuwelis with us.

Our company aim and mission is to reduce the carbon footprint of society. 

Demands for new electronics and technology are high.  Because of this e-junk is a problem, bigger than you may realize.

Landfills unfortunately already have a lot of garbage to sort and destroy.  To help reduce this we were born.  Over 15 years ago our company decided we want to help change electronic junk issues. 

Along with our recycling efforts not only does it decrease electronic scrap but it also helps other sectors.

Less mining more recycling

More recycling means less mining. With Computer scrap recycling Wilgeheuwel plants like us, precious metals are repurposed.

Materials and parts like metal, copper, aluminum, gold and so much more are found in old electronic junk.

In addition parts like plastic and glass are melted and reused in new goods.

Yes, what a wonderful way to renew the purpose of electric motors that are out of service.

Contact Computer scrap recycling Wilgeheuwel today for more information about or procedures and methods.

We are happy to show you around our factory.  Our team is dedicated and passionate about recycling.  Join a cause and earn some cash at the same time.

Computer scrap recycling Wilgeheuwel


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